Filtration System Design and Selection

We currently design our own filtration systems to meet the customer’s requirements. The filtration systems remove contaminants from the air, contaminants can include particles, biological pathogens, odours, acid vapours, smoke, and other gaseous contaminants. To remove gaseous contaminant an activated charcoal filter is used to bind the gas molecules to the filter media. This carbon-based media must be periodically replaced to ensure the proper removal of the contaminants. To remove particles from the air several grades of filters can be used; coarse pre-filters are designed to remove larger particles to protect the fans and increase the lifespan of any finer filters which follow the pre-filter. The finer filters are selected by the required air quality in the laboratory. Germicidal lamps can also be added into the filtration system. These lamps eliminate biological contaminants and airborne pathogens.