Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

This type of cabinet is the best choice of flow bench when absolute sterility is required on the work surface. They are used for many different kinds of industry / Pharmaceutical dispensing / Microelectronics/ tissue culture / optics or any application where ISO grade 5 is required on the work surface Horizontal laminar flow is always the better option to use when there is no large object standing on the work surface which would block the airflow it is important to note that no hazardous substances materials or pathogens should be used on these cabinets.

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The SBT laboratories Range of Horizontal and Vertical laminar Flow Cabinets can be used in a wide range of
disciplines including:

  • Sterile packaging
  • Sterility tests
  • Floriculture
  • Micro biology
  • TPN preparation
  • Preparation of ophthalmic solutions
  • Medical device assembly
  • Preparation of culture media
  • DNA work/thermal cycling/PCR
  • Assembly of electronic equipment
  • Cell culture


The new generation Laminar Flow Cabinets Features include:

  • Robust mild steel construction with epoxy powder coated finish Work Surface grade 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Single filter, meaning no dead spots over the laminar flow area and easier sealing of one piece Moulded gasket.
  • Laminated Safety Glass Solarshield S10 Blue.
  • Easily serviceable, access to Pre-Filter, supply H.E.P.A. Filter and Fan.
  • Lighting to 1000 Lux.
  • Differential pressure gauge to monitor filter condition & Variable Fan Speed Controller.


  • Tubular Stand,
  • UV Lamp, Gas tap (single & double),
  • Casters, Extra Plug point, Audible Alarm & Hour Meter.


These cabinets are manufactured from epoxy coated mild steel anti-bacterial in the construction the work surface is made from grade 304 stainless steel or formica.

The side panels are one way laminated safety blue glass in steel surround frames The cabinet is fitted with a  220v  Double inlet 375 watt fan variable speed solid state speed controller as well as a Minihelic pressure gauge to monitor HEPA filter pressure.

The HEPA filter is H14 99.995% MPPS LED lighting is standard 800 lux in work area. Auxiliary Plug point is standard on control Panel