Apex Ductless Fume Cabinet

Ductless Fume cabinets, also referred to as portable fume cabinets, are self-contained, laboratory enclosures that remove hazardous and noxious fumes, vapours and particulate from the enclosed work area. The advantage that this design has over traditional ducted units is that the installation costs are significantly lower as no ductwork is required and there are no unsightly ducts on the outside of the building.

Ductless fume cabinets are easy to retrofit into an existing building as they will not interfere with the existing HVAC system and are thus also often a good choice from an environmental perspective as they do not remove conditioned air from the building. However, this design does have limitations that need to be considered when selecting a fume cabinet for the laboratory.

  • Intake air velocity: 0.5 – 1m/s
  • Mighting (min lux) 800
  • Power supply: 220 / 240V 50 Hz
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Product Requirements

A ductless fume hood can be considered if the following criteria are met:

Limited or specific chemicals and substances, the SBT Apex range of Ductless Fume Cabinets can be supplied with a range of filter media to suit many applications for example:

  • Particulate – HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) can filter particulate matter down to 0.3 microns to 99.99% efficiency
  • Organic Vapours – Activated Carbon Filters
  • Formaldehyde
  • Acids and Sulphur
  • Ammonia

Limited Chemical Volumes, typically it is not recommended to use a ductless fume cabinet if more than 500 mL of any chemical is to be used in the cabinet.

Limited or Short Duration, depending on the chemicals being used and the duration that the cabinet will be in operation every day will have a significant impact on the life of the filters. The expected life of the filters will usually range between 6 months and 2 years, these costs will have to be compared to the installation costs of a ducted fume cabinet as well as the additional energy costs incurred as airconditioned air is exhausted from the building.

High Temperatures, in most cases it is not recommended that ductless fume cabinets be used in applications requiring high temperatures such as acid digestion.

Our team of experts will be able to assist you in determining whether your application is suitable for a ductless fume cabinet and what filters you would require.


  • Interior space has been maximised while maintaining a small footprint
  • Easy to access, integral pre-filter and either chemical or particulate filter
  • Chemical filters available to suit most common applications
  • Low noise, energy efficient centrifugal fan
  • Available with either stainless steel 304 or 316 to suit the application
  • Optimised aerodynamic design to ensure uniform air flow velocities and smooth airflow over the work surface to 1.2mm mild steel exterior which is zinc phosphate prior to powder coating to offer maximum corrosion resistance
  • Side panels made of laminated glass ideal for classroom or teaching.
  • Available with either manual folding or electronic motorised sash
  • Maximum sash opening limit as per EN 14175
  • Integral fluorescent lights provide optimal illumination


  • Purpose built stand
  • Fan speed controller
  • Alternate sash material polycarbonate or perspex
  • Low air volume alarm with electronic airflow indicator as per EN 14175 and ASHRAE 110 (Electronic Sash only)


Model Apex 950 Apex 1200 Apex 1500
External Size excl stand (HxWxD) 950 1020 x 1200 x 600 1020 x 1500 x 600
Internal Size (HxWxD) 660 x 870 x 560 660 x 1120 x 560 660 x 1420 x 560
Intake Air Velocity 0.5 – 1 m/s 0.5 – 1 m/s 0.5 – 1 m/s
Lighting (min Lux) 800 800 800
Power Supply 220/240V 50Hz 220/240V 50Hz 220/240V 50Hz