Class 2 A3 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

In compliance with SABS VC8041 exceeding EN12469 and all other international standards.

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class 2 for use of handling micro organisms providing OPERATOR, PRODUCT and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

The SBT Laboratories Class 2 A3 has a perfectly balanced exhaust and supply H.E.P.A. filter with exactly proportioned surface areas relative to their respective required volumes of air. This makes the loading of both these filters equal. The final result is that no protection factor will be compromised by excessive loading to the exhaust filter or supply filter. (No additional balancing dampers are installed to balance the airflow which minimizes the chance of any malfunction.)

The cabinet is designed with all positive areas surrounded by negative pressure zones, any possible unfiltered pathogen would be returned back to the H.E.P.A. Filters.

The fan in the cabinet is capable of providing 530 Pa (pressure). Initial resistance on H.E.P.A. filter and system is only 60Pa meaning the lifespan of the H.E.P.A. filters would utilize 3 times the initial resistance. This combination guarantees safety performance even when service intervals have been increased or the cabinet is not operating in perfectly sterile laboratory conditions.

The cabinet incorporates less unreliable electronic components which can result in malfunction as a result of irregular power supply. The alarm system in the cabinet is pressure based which is trouble free. Far more suitable for most applications. Pressure monitoring is done with an easily viewable minihelic pressure gauge built into the work area. This provides the operator an accurate indication of the filter condition. An extra which is not offered by most opposition cabinets.

For Oncology use a anti-blowback, thimble connection and booster fan is recommended.

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Advanced performance includes additional features such as:

  • Solid mechanical design out-performs all opposition with perfect balancing and higher protection factors.
  • 90% Arrestance Pre-Filter extending H.E.P.A Filter lifespan. H.E.P.A. Filters 99,995% are all tested in accordance with EN1822.
  • 550W double inlet forward curved fan ensuring protection factor is in place even in extended servicing intervals. Double the pressure capability of most opposition cabinets.
  • 800 LUX of lighting.
  • Front door is removable without the use of any tools for easier installation or moving.
  • Entire work area is Grade 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Work Surface fitted with location mounting handles for simple removal whilst cleaning, Not permitting wrong installation.
  • Complete mechanical design ensures that there is no chance of malfunction without alarm activation.
  • No wiring or controls penetrate the contaminated zones inside the cabinet.
  • Easily locating decontamination panels are supplied with the cabinet.
  • Servicing is all done without moving of the cabinets with readily available spares from many suppliers. No special sizes of filters are used that are only available from the manufacturer.


  • Tubular stand on leveling Feet
  • Tubular stand on castors
  • Arm Rest
  • UV Germicidal Lamp
  • Anti-blow back damper
  • Gas Tap & Solenoid Valve
  • Vacuum Tap
  • Thimble connection & booster fan