Bio-Safety Cabinets

Our technicians have considerable experience maintaining and validating Biosafety Cabinets manufactured by all manufacturers and are often called upon to fault find and repair both old and new equipment. 

Class II Microbiological Safety cabinets are widely used in healthcare, particularly pathology departments and medical research laboratories where the samples being tested pose a risk to the laboratory technicians. These cabinets form the primary mitigation to exposure risks and therefore need to be well maintained and working as intended, therefore bi-annual validation of the operation is vital so that any problems can be quickly highlighted and rectified. 

As well as performing regular mechanical and electrical repairs our technicians validate the performance against either EN 12469 or NSF 49 depending on the clients’ specific requirements. The performance of the HEPA filters are tested to EN 1822-1 and should they not meet the specified criteria we can provide suitable replacement filters. 

In addition, we offer relocation and commissioning of the cabinets as well as repairs to the fans and ductwork that form part of the overall ventilation system.