Chemical Storage Cabinets

The safe storage of hazardous chemicals is an essential part of a health and safety program. The storage facilities should at a minimum meet any applicable standards and regulations such as the regulations governing Hazardous Chemical Substances.

This would require keeping an up to date register of chemicals stored together with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), correctly labelling chemicals, ensuring that chemicals are properly segregated ensuring that incompatible substances are not kept together and storing chemicals and hazardous substances according to their characteristics.

Materials should always be segregated and stored according to their chemical family or hazard classification. Do not store chemicals alphabetically unless they are compatible! The most common hazard classes include:

  • Flammables/Combustibles
  • Corrosive acids
  • Corrosive bases
  • Toxics
  • Highly toxics
  • Oxidizers
  • Compressed gases
  • Cryogens
  • Pyrophorics
  • Water Reactives
  • Explosives Poisons

Each chemical family should ideally be stored in a sperate cabinet or storage facility appropriate to the hazards associated with the hazard class, chemicals within the same family but which are incompatible should also be separated. Many chemicals belong to more than one chemical class, these should be stored such that all hazards are considered.

The SBT Chemical storage cabinets have a double skin design with a 38mm wall cavity, all have an outer skin manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel which is zinc phosphated prior to being powder coated. The standard colour range is designed to complement all laboratories however customer colours can be supplied.

High strength industrial hinges and locks are used, and the cabinets are supplied with adjustable levelling feet. The cabinets are supplied with flush mounting handles to prevent fouling which have a 3-point lock mechanism. Our range consists of 5 variants each design optimised to meet the storage requirements for the chemicals they are intended to store.

1250 x 2000 650 x 2000 1400 x 800 1250 x 800 1150 x 800 650 x 800
2 Door Full Height Unit 1 Door Full Height Unit 2 Door Under-Counter Unit 2 Door Under-Counter Unit 2 Door Under-Counter Unit 1 Door Under-Counter Unit

This range is offered in a range of sizes (Dimensions are given as Width x Height): The under-counter units can also be seamlessly installed beneath our fume cabinets to offer easy storage of the chemicals used within the fume cabinets.

The sizes do not apply to the poison cabinet. Poison cabinets have a forward sloping roof to prevent items being stored on top of the cabinet, we thus cannot offer under-counter poison cabinets.