Maintenance & Validation

SBT Laboratories offers a comprehensive range of maintenance, testing, certification, validation and repair services for University, Research, Pharmaceutical, Food, Medical and Industrial laboratories. Our team of experienced and qualified specialist technicians can ensure your equipment conforms to all relevant standards and is functioning correctly.

We provide a full range of specialist ventilation services including:

  • Commissioning, routine testing and validation
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Replacement of air filters and other consumables
  • Replacement of fans, ductwork and associated components.

We offer a complete range of performance verification tests including air change rate measurements, room differential pressures measurements and airflow visualisation.

As well as testing and validation services to ensure compliance and safety, we offer a full ventilation and extraction system maintenance and repair service, minimising the chance of costly breakdowns and safety hazards.

Ventilation testing and maintenance can be arranged to a regular schedule under contract, or as required. Contract customers benefit from full asset management and reminder service, minimising admin overheads, as well as free telephone consultancy.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are extensively trained, rigorously certified and capable of servicing a wide range of equipment and brands. Among others, our technicians hold certifications for: 

  • Microbiological safety cabinet testing 
  • NSF international class II biosafety cabinet field certifier accreditation 
  • Cleanroom testing accreditation 

Currently we provide routine maintenance and validation tests at over 100 sites throughout South Africa.