Fume Cabinets

Fume cabinets also known as Fume Hoods minimise chemical exposure to laboratory workers. Fume cabinets are considered the primary means of protection from inhalation of hazardous or noxious vapours, mists and particulate matter. It is therefore imperative that all potentially harmful chemical work be conducted inside a properly designed and functioning fume hood.

A fume hood structure is basically a cabinet with an open side for access to the interior with a movable transparent sash which allows the user to restrict or enlarge the fume cabinet opening thus increasing or decreasing the face velocity of the air entering the cabinet. There are 2 basic designs in use, either ducted where the cabinet is connected via a suitably sized duct to an exhaust fan which is located outside the building or a ductless design where the extraction fan is incorporated into a sophisticated filtration system which filters out the chemical contaminants before exhausting the air into the room.

The development of safety standards and practices has advanced significantly as more emphasis is placed on worker safety and wellbeing which has had a direct impact on the performance requirements of modern fume cabinets. Many of the technical requirements have been driven through the adoption of the European standard EN 14175 and the American ASHRAE 110.

Our technical support team can offer full support in choosing the correct fume cabinet design for your laboratory as well as offering installation and commissioning of the system into your existing building and infrastructure.

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