Under Bench Cabinets

The SBT furniture range offers 2 lines of under-bench cabinets, our premier line which is manufactured in either 0.8mm stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. We are also able to offer a more cost-effective melamine range where the conditions are less demanding. Both ranges are offered in 3 variants, frame mounted or suspended, under-bench units on castors and floor standing. The choice of which variant to choose is dependent on the flexibility required in the laboratory layout and potential reconfiguration.

Type Size          
  600 750 900 1050 1200  
Single Door Cabinet x x
1 Door – 1 Drawer Cabinet x x
Double Door Cabinet x x x
2 Door – 1 Drawer Cabinet x x x
2 Door – 2 Half Height Drawers x x x
4 Drawer Cabinet x x x x x

Frame Mounted (Suspended)

Frame mounted cabinets are our most popular design as there is no contact with the floor and has a 180mm gap between the floor and the cabinet allowing for greater access to facilitate cleaning. Our frame mounted design is fixed to the underside of the bench using out unique mounting system which allows for easy removal of cabinets thus permitting reconfiguration of the lab as requirements change, this is therefore a good option if some changes are expected over the life of the laboratory.

Floor Standing

Floor standing cabinets are also a very popular system; however, it is the most fixed variant and is thus most suited for laboratories that only anticipate few or minor changes during its lifetime. The under-bench cabinets are supplied with levelling legs so accommodate uneven floors.

Castor Mounted

Under-bench units on castors are fully mobile and therefore offer the maximum flexibility allowing for the laboratory configuration to changes fluidly as the users require. High quality castors are used with double running surfaces which can support up to 80kg each, the front castors are fitted with brakes.