Work Surfaces

We offer a variety of worktop materials each suited for a different laboratory application, when choosing the worktop material, it is important that the material is matched to the application. There is no single material that is “best” as each have attributes which depending on the application, budget and environment could be best suited to your laboratory. Our experienced team can assist in choosing the most suitable worktop for any application.

Solid Surface

A solid surface worktop is a non-porous, low maintenance countertop which can have the appearance of wood, stone or other naturally occurring material. One of the greatest benefits of this type of surface is that it can be joined invisibly by a specialist technician resulting in a single continuous worktop which is impervious to bacteria, staining by all but the most aggressive chemicals and overcoming many of the problems inherent in natural materials like stone where contamination or cleanliness is a necessity.

Solid surface sinks and splashbacks can be joined to the surface with no gaps or cracks where water and other contaminants can accumulate or where bacteria can grow making it ideal for food labs, hospital and clinic countertops and other applications requiring a sterile environment.


Corian® is the original brand of solid surface created by DuPont scientists in 1967, it is manufactured using a blend of minerals combined with acrylic resins to produce a non-porous material with a consistent colour throughout the thickness. SBT is a certified fabricator of Corian® and all our installations therefore carry a 10-year warranty backed by Corian®.


Lotte Advanced Materials is an Asian company specialising in high performance decorative products who produce Staron®


Hanex® products are nonporous and NSF 51 Certified for Food Preparation areas. They can be applied in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as food laboratories, food preparation areas, hospitals, medical research laboratories.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel worktops in either 304 or 316 offer good chemical resistance and are often recommended in wet areas or where there are high moisture levels. It suitable where the worktop will be exposed to high temperatures. It is often used where decontamination and cleanliness are important such as hospitals and medical research laboratories. They are not well suited to laboratories using mineral acids such as hydrochloric, sulphuric or nitric acids.

Laminated Saligna (Wood)

SBT offers laminated Saligna wood worktops, these are most commonly used in educational laboratories where there is little chance of chemical exposure and cleanliness requirements are not very stringent.

High Pressure Laminate

These are offered only for laboratories where there are significant budget constraints and chemical and water exposure are limited as they show only moderate stain resistance to industrial grade chemicals and are susceptible to swelling of the substrate when there is prolonged exposure to water.